Natural Help for Migraines - Yes, You CAN Get Rid of them :)

Natural Migraine & Headache Relief

Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints. Over 45 million Americans (1 in 6) suffer chronic headaches each year. Subscribe to my e-mails: When you take over-the-counter painkillers, all you’re doing is smothering your symptoms and ignoring the real issue of what triggers a headache. Natural remedies for headaches may take a bit more thought than simply popping a pill, but don’t brush them off. They won’t wreak havoc on your body like other over-the-counter or prescription pain-killers do, and you’re less likely to become so dependent on them that you need them for every little ache. You can always try home-remedy first and rely on it whenever possible. *** You can also try: _ Lady's Slipper (nerve root) tea _Lavender tea as well as the oil applied to the temple _Brazilian Cocoa Tea - 1 cup when a headache starts _Left Side of Head: Alfalfa tablets _Right Side of Head: Celandine tea (1 cup daily) _Apply the lemon slices on the sides of your forehead (you will feel the burning, and in most cases, the headache gets better). Consider A VISIT TO A DOCTOR IF YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM CONSTANT HEADACHES OR MIGRAINES. THIS COULD BE A REASON OF A SERIOUS DECEASE. Treat yourself and your health with respect. __________________________________ Subscribe to Comfort Life Channel to be up to date: ♡ Other Places To Find Me! ♥ INSTAGRAM- ♥ FACEBOOK- ♥ TWITTER- ♥ PINTEREST- __________________________________________ Popular Videos: A Step-By-Step Guide To Dry Skin Brushing: Why You Should Start Dry Body Brushing Today: The truth about COLLAGEN and Hyaluronic Acid: Collagen Supplements for Skin - Do They Work?: How to Naturally Boost & Rebuild SKIN COLLAGEN: DIY 3-Ingredient Coconut-Aloe Vera Skin Moisturizer: How to prepare MIRACLE CURE JUICE: Wake Up Facial Massage. Lymph Drainage and Ear Massage: NATURAL DETOX BATH MIX RECIPE: Turmeric Ginger Tonic Recipe. Tasty Anti-Inflammatory Drink: How can we get enough Magnesium. Diet and Magnesium Supplements: Killer morning habit: Drink water on an empty stomach. Anise Herbs Benefits for Health. Uses and Warnings: 5 Best Vitamins For Beautiful Skin: The Health Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses: Benefits of Mineral Water You Should Know: _____________________________ My ETSY Store "Vintage Love NY": My ETSY Store "Miss Derma" Skin Care: ______________________________ +Whoever is Happy will make Others Happy too+ Anne Frank