Natural Help for Migraines - Yes, You CAN Get Rid of them :)


Migraine is a debilitating health issue. It is a headache - in a way and yet it can incapacitate the person experiencing the pain. People with severe migraines have had it for years and their only recourse is pain killers, which they consume with increasing potency as time passes. Orthodox medicine fails to provide either the cause, treatment or cure for this health issue. The pharmaceutical drugs - pain killers metabolise in the liver and harm this organ as well as the kidneys. Thus aggravating the problem. Naturopathy provides the correct cause - Spasms in the colon, Stones in gall bladder, stones in the liver itself - all which can be singly present or all in the person suffering from migraine attacks. The acute attack can be so severe that the person might vomit, desire to be in a dark room, without even a single sound and even the thought of food makes them nauseated. It would be a big relief for migraine patients to realise that migraine is 100% curable. That's right. Not treatable but cured. Even if it has been there for years. And it can be done with diet alone. Eating foods in the correct combination, taking vitamins and mineral supplements, cleansing the colon, flushing the liver and improving the peristaltic movements of the intestines can cure the person of his lifelong migraine problem. The other aspect to be taken care of would be to assist the body in dealing with the side effects of the drugs that the person might have taken especially the pain killers. Improving the function of the kidneys, liver, lungs, spleen and the skin can reclaim the lost health. At its best, naturopathy can heal most of the chronic and degenerative disorders that orthodox medicine fails to. Just because your physician does not have the solution does not mean that the solution to your health issue does not exist. There are uncountable alternate therapies out there - the solution exists and you can find it if you are open to your own healing and not willing to accept limitations. ----------------------------------------­­- FOR PERSONAL ADVICE AND NUTRITION COACHING VISIT FOR BOOKS AUTHORED BY HIM VISIT CATCH ME ON TWITTER: FIND ME ON FACEBOOK: MY BRAND NEW WEBSITE: WATCH VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE: BLOG FOR KIDS & TEENS: BLOG FOR EVERYONE IN 20's TO THEIR 70's: